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Registration of Patent in Iran

Patent is any new invention or discovery in various fields of industry or agriculture that will give exclusive right to the inventor or discoverer to benefit from his patent.

Under following Claims, any person can apply for a Patent:

– New innovation in a new industrial product

– Discovery of a new means or the discovery of a new method using existing ones to obtain a different result or product in industry & agriculture

Patents are protected in iran for a period of 20 years from the filing date of the application in iran except for Patents of importation that are protected for the remaining period of validity of the basic letters Patent, provided that, in both cases, the annuities are paid within the first three months of each year. A grace period of three months is granted for late payment of the annuities subject to payment of the prescribed fine.

Patent of Convention

Patent of convention is based on a foreign priority and is valid for a period of twenty years from the Iranian filing date. This type of Patent must be filed within the twelve months from the original filing date.

The life of the Patent is for twenty years and annuity must be paid each year on the anniversary of the Iranian filing date. For this type of Patent only the claims and few pages of certified copy of priority document requires translation.

Patent of Importation

Patent of importation is based on a foreign granted Patent and is valid for the remaining life of the foreign Patent. Annuity must be paid each year on the anniversary of the Iranian filing date. For this type of Patent only the claims and few pages of Patent certificate requires translation.

Patent of Independent

Patent of independent is a patent that is not based on any foreign registration or application, and will be filed in iran without any priority. The life of the Patent is twenty years from filing date in iran. For this type of Patent specifications and claims must be translated into Persian.

Requirements for registration a Patent in Iran

The full details of applicant i.e. full name, address, nationality, field of activity, incorporation number of the applicant’s company in the home country, occupation, principal location etc.
The title of the invention and classification.
Certified copy of priority documents or abroad registration.
Certified and legalized copy of the deed of assignment. An assignment form is only necessary if the priority document is in the name of the inventor and the applicant is different from the inventor. However, if the inventor is not mentioned in the priority document and the priority document is in the name of the applicant, there is no need for an assignment form.
A set of description, specifications, claims and drawings in English.
Power of attorney signed by applicant, certified and legalized by the Iranian Consulate in the home country.